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Responsive Website


Sarvagyamm Softtech Private Limited has developed following methodologies to develop your website.


The first step is to identify the reasons for creating a website and how it will fit into your overall goals. When you come to Get Started our team of web professionals will assess your needs.



A website may be your meal ticket and the main income source; or it may be for additional income. If you have an existing business, it can be used as a marketing tool, additional revenue source, or a springboard of an entirely different business model.


Before designing a website, it is necessary to do proper planning as in the case of building a house. The main purpose of this plan is to outline the timeline, site map and content, creative & technical briefs.


Web design is the process of creating a website. The design will give your target audience a visual representation of your business.


After selecting the plan, we will code the site and incorporate the content and graphics into the new design.


Once the development is considered complete a range of user-assisted testing is conducted.


After all the planning, designing, coding and testing, your new business Web site is ready to launch. It’s a big day, the culmination of a lot of careful work.


Promote &

The site promotion is normally an ongoing process as the strategies of search engine may change quite often. Submitting a site URLs once in 2 months can be an ideal submission policy.

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